Education Loan

Securing quality education will definitely provide a better headstart for your career and lifepath.

We understand the frustration of having to focus on your studies while ensuring school fees are paid timely. Find out how we can help.
Loan Size

Up to 100% of the entire course fee

Loan Period

Up to 5 years

  • Applicant must be employed or the legal business owner
  • Asset must be a currently a student or applying for school admission
  • Payment will be made directly by us to the school
  • Provide all necessary original documents for verification and approval
For Employed Personnel
  • Borrower’s National ID or Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate or Family Book
  • Proof of Employment – Employment contract or confirmation letter
  • Past 3 months bank statements or pay slip
  • Official Invoice or Payment Advice from the school
For Business Owners
  • Valid business registration
  • Latest 12 months financial report
  • Official Invoice or Payment Advice from the school


Monthly Mortgage Payments

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Find out how much you can loan and get an estimate of your monthly repayments based on loan amount, interest rates, repayment schedule.