Empower your dreams. Realise their fullest potential by gaining access to a suite of financial services.

Microfinance institutions operate with the aim of providing financial services to individuals / micro-entrepreneurs in the developing region – who lack access to conventional banking services – in order to enable them to improve their income and well-being, resulting in self-sufficiency.

Over the years, the microfinancing industry has benefited many individuals by increasing their personal wealth and assets by empowering them with better knowledge in financial management. Research shows that clients who receive support from microfinancing tend to reap higher savings than those who do not. Businesses that received aid from microfinancing also recorded higher revenues, which in turn led to multiple job creations.

Sixty Six Finance PLC is a Licensed (by National Bank of Cambodia) Micro Finance Institution (MFI) dedicated to providing value-added Financial Services for the People in the Kingdom of Cambodia.



Our proprietary credit processes promote effective and efficient communication between yourself and us.

Competitive Interest Rates

We offer competitive interest rates to suit your personal or business requirements.

Responsible Lending

We are committed to responsible the act of lending and borrowing in the Kingdom of Cambodia by improving Financial Literacy.

Over the years, we have provided flexible, affordable loans to help others realise their dreams. Let us support YOU to reach your goals.